Videoart can be fashionable with Visualcontainer

Alessandra Arnò is a multimedia artist, co-founder of Visualcontainer, director of VisualcontainerTV international Videoart webtv and co-director of [.BOX} videoart project space based in Milan. She is interested in videoart, photography and new media. Her goal is to increase cultural exchange with other country and share videoart, thanks to new technologies and new networks.

Giorgio Fedeli  is President and co-founder of Visualcontainer and co-director of [.BOX] videoart project space based in Milan. He is an art critic and curator especially dealing with contemporary painting, videoart,  and visual reality. He is currently president of VisualContainer, where he maintains his passion for writing and curating. He loves to interact with people in and out of Italy and racking his brains on new video projects, together with, VisualContainer’s staff and friends all over the world.

Please complete the sentence:

In the global world of communication and arts Visualcontainer is a distributor of local video contents too physical and web shows all over the world, whilst keeping an open door to any external video content.

You made a special selection for the Plovdiv Night, what was your criteria for selection?

Our special selection for the Plovdiv Night was based on our latest artworks, introducing the most updated experimental videos that show current and prospective new trends in videoart, which has a general leaning towards the world of film and fiction.

Milano is a capital of fashion.  But Visualcontainer is great example that Italian videos are great too. Can art be fashionable  too?

All of us at VisualContainer strive hard to make art become the most important trend in Milano and beyond. We do believe videoart can be fashionable indeed and therefore contribute to the everyday landscape of our lives.

What will be in your contain after 10 years?

A huge container of videoart, to grow  with and lots and lots of friends to embrace it.  Also a big cultural network, to share and enjoy videoart, from all over the world.

Commercial / Noncommercial – how you deal with it? Do you sell?

VisualContainer is a not for profit association whose aim is to distribute Italian videoart around the world, for both the cultural and commercial side. So, besides presenting videoart screenings and lectures all over the world for free, we’ve been renting videoart works, which does involve a commercial side.

The (very small indeed) income allow us to go on with curatorial projects and all VisualContainer’s activities and help videoartist go on with their production, as half the income of the distribution is statutorily given to the artists involved. The more we distribute, the higher number of projects we can afford and present for the sake of videoart in the world.

You were in Bulgaria before that, but your project will be presented in Plovdiv  for the first time. What are your expectations about the Night of Museums and Galleries and Bulgarian audience?

Visualcontainer has a special relationship with Bulgaria, thanks to the collaboration I had with other festivals and galleries. Then we know that in Bulgaria there is much interest for contemporary art and videoart, so we are delighted that our project will be hosted in Plovdiv.

We wish the Bulgarian audience to enjoy a most fruitful cultural exchange and finally have a clearer vision of Italian videoart…and enjoy it as we enjoy the Bulgarian human and art environment.”

Author: Jakub Munko


37 Hristo G. Danov St. (EVN Building)

21:00 – 01:00

Visualcontainer – videos by Italian artists – selection: Alessandra Arno (Milan) – screening –60 min.

This video selection has been put together especially for the Night of Museums and Galleries and includes works created between 2008 and 2010 by the artists Maria Korporal, Rebecca Agnes, Luca Christian Mander, Jacopo Jenna, Nicola Giunta, Barbara Brugola, John Criscitello, Francesca Fini, Salvatore Insana, Albert Merino, Alessandra Arnò, Riccardo Arena. Visualcontainer is an Italian NGO based in Milan whose aims are to promote Italian video art abroad and to facilitate the cultural and informational exchange between Italy and other countries. Alessandra Arno is the director of the organisation.

Visualcontainer is part of the platform Open Call for Projects of the Open Arts Foundation.

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