The blog of the Night is getting started

The blog of Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv 2011 is getting started!

Just one month before the Night our first publications are already available. Within the next weeks you will find interviews with our partners and participants in the Night, theme articles, related to different programs and also example routes. It is also the first year that we have an English section for the foreign guests of Plovdiv and the Night.

The blog will be refreshed three times a day in order to provide you with the most diverse and detailed information and help you to plan your personal Night.

This year the editorial team of the blog consists of:
-Editor: Raflin Sarkisyan, consultant: Vesselina Sarieva;
-Authors: Bozhidar Atanasov, Galina Georgieva, Desislava Samuilova, Evelina Ivanova, Jakub Munko,  Maria Ivanova, Maya Baltaliyska, Nadina Chalakova, Stanislava Grueva, Stanislava Milenkova, Teodora Dimitrova, Tsvetelina Koilova,

You can also see the official  website of the Night and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well:!/museumnight

Общност от предимно не твърде обременени от журналистически навици ентусиасти, мотивирани от силната си пристрастеност към Нощните маршрути, оценили възможността за изява, за срещи с интересни хора и изживяването да усетят "Нощта отвътре".

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